OLIVER 194 x 266.jpgOliver Asset Advisors (OAA) was founded as a “family” type practice to assist individuals and businesses meet their financial goals and objectives. Located in the shoreline town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut, we offer a relaxed and friendly environment affectionately known as the “cottage.” It is a place where clients feel at home when paying us a visit. We tell our clients it's ok to come in with shorts and flip flops or in a pair of jeans, because they just might see us dressed the same.

OAA’s relaxed environment is the key to what we offer. If clients are comfortable and relaxed, our process becomes organic and natural. This is key when discussing topics such as Money, Goals and Objectives, Retirement and Risk Tolerance, or Mortality and Wealth Transfer.

We manage portfolios based on a set of well-defined goals that are carefully in tune with each client’s risk tolerance and personal time horizon. We design and execute prudent portfolio strategies based on our client’s stated objectives. Our process factors in many variables in creating a comprehensive and understandable plan for long-term financial success. Oliver Asset Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor.

“We manage money using traditional portfolio management principles. The results are conservative, low turnover portfolios designed to help minimize risk by using stocks, bonds, and alternative assets to help meet each client’s specific investment objective. The cornerstone of our focus is the attentive follow-up we provide to each client. The process does not end because we have made some investment decisions to set up a client's portfolio. This is only the beginning…”

Jamie Oliver, CRC®

Oliver Asset Advisors, LLC